What is Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)?

What is Technical Surveillance

Did you know that tens of billions of dollars in revenue are lost every year to industrial espionage? Plus, spouses, exes, and stalkers are known to place surveillance devices for divorce and custody cases, and other nefarious reasons.

That is why being proactive when it comes to protecting your communications and privacy is key. In fact, it is critical in preventing others from stealing your protected information.

What is Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)?

You may be wondering how you can protect the security of your communication and company. The best way to do that is through something called a Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) sweep.

The following outline exactly what a TSCM sweep is, and how it works to help protect your company.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Meaning

Generally speaking, the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, or TSCM, meaning refers to a “bug” or electronic surveillance sweep. It is sometimes called a TSCM bug sweep.

TSCM sweep service requires highly specialized professionals in order to detect a presence of hidden microphones or other eavesdropping equipment often referred to as a “bug.”

It also searches out any sort of equipment that can record and transmit voice information as well as wireless network information. Basically, anything that puts your valuable information or privacy at risk.

Another goal of a TSCM bug sweep is to identify a potential weakness in technical or communications security. It can also help identify any existing security breaches that may be present.

Finally, a TCSM sweep service can make recommendations to correct security weaknesses or neutralize potential risk.

Who Needs a TSCM Sweep?

There are several reasons why you might find yourself in need of this service. It is common to find individuals serving in a position that requires a high degree of security to keep sensitive information as private as possible.

In the corporate environment, TSCM service usually revolves around keeping trade secrets secure from potential thieves.

Finally, you may also be interested in TSCM because you believe that someone is trying to spy on you. This could be a person in your private life, such as a jealous spouse, an old friend or foe from your past, or another person that holds a grudge against you personally or professionally.

TSCM Equipment

Any TCSM sweep requires specialized equipment that is constantly being upgraded as technology changes. That way, it can always be the top-of-the-line, holding its technical edge.

This specialized equipment does a number of things to detect a breach in security. It can detect “free space” RF transmissions and allow a technician to analyze the signal to detect a threat. This can lead to an identification of open audio, cellular or video transmissions that are a threat to your business.

In addition, this specialized equipment can identify transistors, diodes or other semiconductor devices linked to your business. These can include:

● Microphones
● Unwanted electronics
● Transmitters
● Tape recorders
● Other eavesdropping devices

Specialized transmitters, analyzers, receivers, and others can even detect unwanted threats if they are powered off.

TSCM specialty equipment and technology you can expect to find a security company using is:

● Broadband RF Receivers
● Carrier Current Analyzers
● Thermal Imaging Technologies
● IR Detection
● Non-Linear Junction Detectors
● Wi-Fi Analyzers
● Visible Light Detection
● Ultrasonic Analysis
● Telecommunication Analysis

TSCM Services

If you require TSCM services or would like more information, contact Castro Investigative Agency today. Our highly-trained and well-equipped professional investigators will come to your office, residence, or designated location to ensure your privacy is protected.

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