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Frequent Asked Questions

At Castro Investigative Agency we strive to provide the highest level of professional and personal service in the investigations industry. As a result, we can assure our clients that each case whether simple, unique or complex will be handled by an experienced and dedicated team of discreet and professional private investigators. The confidentiality and integrity of each investigation and our client’s identity are our top priority. We have 25 years of expertise and investigative experience combined with our extensive network of dedicated and highly experienced private investigators. We operate not only in the United States but also in the Caribbean, with offices in New York City, Miami Florida, Punta Cana Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.
Some of the investigative services provided by Castro Investigative Agency are: surveillance, business and corporate investigations, child support/custody and abuse investigations, criminal investigations, litigation support, insurance/workers compensation claims investigation, locate and missing person investigations, pre-marital/matrimonial and infidelity investigations, asset searches, litigation support, bug sweeps/debugging, compliance monitoring, bug sweeps/ TSCM, undercover operatives/operations and much more.
Yes, Castro Investigative Agency will always keep your information confidential as we never allow your information to be viewed or leaked by anyone. Maintaining our client’s confidentiality is our #1 value and top priority. If there is a conflict of interest with either the client and party to be investigated or vice versa we will not accept the case while maintaining full discretion and the clients confidentiality. According to law, a private investigator is not allowed to divulge any information without the permission of a client.
Yes, sure you can. Private investigators can follow someone legally. An experienced and qualified investigator knows where and when to draw the line. Before hiring any private investigator make sure that you are hiring an expert who knows what to do in complex cases and situations. Castro Investigative Agency are the most experienced Private Investigators in the field when it comes to surveillance. From New York, to Florida and abroad in the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic Castro Investigative Agency are the Surveillance Experts.
Yes, sure it is legal to hire licensed private investigators for a child custody case. When it comes to Child Custody Cases and Investigations, the dedicated team of Licensed Private Investigators at Castro Investigative Agency have over 20 years of experience in this field. So, you can rely on to have your case handled successfully and delicately. Castro Investigative Agency specializes in Child Custody Investigations, whether it’s to monitor compliance in court-ordered visitations or to confirm suspicions in non-contested shared parent custody.
Every investigation is uniquely different and every client’s situation and request is totally different. Therefore once you contact Castro Investigative Agency for a free and confidential consultation we will then be able to quote you with a precise amount for your specific case, situation or service requested.
There are several things that private investigators are unable to do like unlawful entry, illegal video recording through the inside of a property, hacking or bugging cell-phones and other personal electronic devices, illegally putting a GPS on an unofficial vehicle, and getting a credit report without signed consent from the person.

The Private Investigators at Castro Investigative Agency are available 24 hours, 7 days a week all year round including holidays. You can call us at ANYTIME at 1(877)774-8232 or you can email us at hello@investigativepros.com 

This all depends on the case and the result you want to have. Hiring the Private investigators of Castro Investigative Agency are very well worth it if you are going thru any legal or court related matter as they can make or break certain case conditions.
Every case and Investigation is uniquely different and sometimes complex, once you hire us we instantly begin the process of investigation as instructed by the client and scheduled accordingly once the preliminary investigations have been concluded. Experts are carefully selected for your specific investigative needs and situation. Moreover, each investigation whether simple or complex is handled with discretion and given our immediate personal attention.

Please call us at 1(877)774-8232 or email us at hello@investigativepros.com for last minute and rush investigations to determine if we are able to handle the investigation and schedule it right away. Additional charges would be applied for last minute and rush investigations. 

Castro Investigative Agency is Licensed, Insured and Bonded as Private Investigators in New York, Florida and the Dominican Republic. When hiring any Private Investigator make sure he or she is licensed if the state or country in which you are hiring the investigator requires a state issued license and don’t be afraid to ask for the license or agency number.