Child Support is the obligation of two adults who conceive a child. When one parent is not contributing their responsibility to their child, it hinders the child’s future and home life. Often children that lack the nurturing required both financially and emotionally have a more difficult time adjusting to their development and growth. If you are in need of financial support from your child’s parent, and you believe that their financial situation is not what is being portrayed or presented to throughout the court process, we will investigate. And we reveal whether they are employed, the amount of money they are grossing and lifestyle choices to ensure your child is being given what they are entitled to.


When it comes to Child Custody Investigations, the dedicated team of Licensed Private Investigators at Castro Investigative Agency have over 20 years of experience. So, you can rely on to have your case handled successfully and delicately. Castro Investigative Agency specializes in Child Custody Investigations, whether it’s to monitor compliance in court-ordered visitations or to confirm suspicions in non-contested shared parent custody.

We understand that child custody battles are often fueled with emotions and allegations against the other party. Often in these situations, the child in question is used as leverage between one parent and the other. Our main objective is gathering evidence, conducting background, social media investigations, and surveillance. It will determine if either parent or legal custodian is being neglectful, abusing the child, or living a lifestyle which is unsafe or unfit for the child in question.

Child Custody Investigations are a vital asset for every child custody case. When the safety and well being of a child is at risk or questionable you need to be sure you obtain the facts and our team of Licensed Private Investigators will provide you with the facts and physical evidence needed to protect you and the well being of your child.

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private investigator


Abuse cases can range from domestic, physical, sexual, emotional, child abuse, etc. These cases are usually called into a police department. Then passed through the system in a series of legal processes. Although it is imperative that you immediately report such cases to the police. More often there are instances when you want to report an abuser on suspicion alone. Police are not able to place charges without evidence. By contracting a Licensed Private Investigator, the suspect will be tracked anonymously until physical evidence supporting your claim is obtained. Moreover, we will provide visual photographs and/or videotape footage to validate your claim.