Missing Persons Investigations often tend to have suspicious and non-suspicious circumstances relating to each individual case. Therefore, some types of missing persons investigations are the result of kidnappings, runaways, fugitives and investigations of people whom have gone missing after the initial 48 hour period.

Castro Investigative Agency and its team of dedicated and highly trained Licensed Private Investigators. So, we have helped clients find missing children, lost loved ones, relatives and friends nationally and internationally.

There are various levels of inquiries to missing persons investigations. In some cases, such as trying to reunite or reconnect with a long lost friend, acquaintance, ex-partner, or a relative. Whom you have lost complete contact of throughout the years or whom you have never met. So, often our clients may have a fair amount of information about them already. They can provide information such as a last known address or an approximate date of birth but more often than others. You may not have any such vital data or the information you have may be decades old and or incorrect. Therefore, in these type of situations, cases can be more challenging, but never impossible.

Other types of locates are tracking down key witnesses in lawsuits, accident witnesses, witnesses in criminal investigations or current court proceedings, individuals hiding from paying alimony and or child support, debtors facing major court judgments or debtors who have skipped town to avoid judgement enforcement and responsibilities. For over 20 years Castro Investigative Agency has tracked down and located debtors, witnesses and alibis in the United States, the Caribbean and South America.

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