9 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating While Traveling

Many people travel to the Dominican Republic for business or pleasure. Over the years, this area has become known as a cheating hub. If your spouse is traveling without you, you may have noticed behavior changes or just have an overall feeling that they are being unfaithful. 

Is Your Spouse Cheating While Traveling?

The following are signs that your spouse may be cheating while traveling. If you have experienced any of these signs, it may be time to hire one of the best Dominican Republic private investigators to get the answer you need!

1. Avoiding or Rejecting Your Phone Calls

If you call your spouse but only ever receive voicemail, that may be a sign of cheating. They might be rejecting your phone calls, or avoiding them all together. 

They will likely use the excuse of being in a different country, but that can’t excuse multiple missed calls and unreturned calls.

2. Not Replying to Your Text or Chat Messages

Many phones or apps show if a message has been read. If your texts or message have been read but you still do not get a response, that is a bad sign. Granted, your spouse may be too busy to respond at that moment. But, they should be able to respond within a couple of hours no matter what.

If your spouse rarely returns your texts, it may be time to hire a private investigator. In Domincan Republic, it is easy for people to get away with cheating on their spouse. Hire someone to get your questions answered! 

3. Traveling More Often

Traveling more often may be a sign that your spouse is cheating. The traveling itself is not a sign, but rather a change in their behavior. 

If they have always traveled, but have suddenly begun traveling more often, it could indicate that they have something or someone persuading them to travel more frequently. 

This may be especially concerning if they’re traveling to the Dominican Republic. Infidelity is ingrained in the local culture

4. Extending Travel Time to More Than What is Necessary

When people cheat while traveling, they may try to drag out their travel itinerary longer than necessary. If your spouse extends their trip, this may be a sign of infidelity.

5. Being Secretive

When people cheat, they have a tendency to act secretive. And for good reason- they have a secret! If your spouse is being unfaithful, they will likely go to great lengths to keep their activities secret from you. 

Secretive actions include giving vague replies, making excuses to get off the phone, and trying to change the subject. They won’t want to share their itinerary with you. Or, they’ll go as far as sending you a fake itinerary.

Dominican Republic private investigators can verify if your spouse is doing what they said they are going to do.

6. Finding Excuses to Go Out

Is your spouse starting to go out more often than in the past? Again, this is usually exhibited as a change from old behavior. 

They may use business meetings or a friend in need as an excuse. Or, they will try to blame you, saying they “need space.” The problem is, they may be spending that space with someone else.

7. Lying About Their Itinerary

Did you catch your spouse in a lie about his itinerary? Perhaps his flight or hotel was different than what was initially told to you. While this might be an innocent mistake, it could also be an indication of a deeper deception. 

8. You are Never Included in the Trip

Have you expressed interest in tagging along on a trip, but are never invited? There might be a deeper reason for that. If your spouse is meeting up with another person while traveling, then they will not want to invite you along. 

9. Their Friends or Coworkers Act Weird Around You

If your spouse is traveling with friends or coworkers, then some of their bad behavior might have been seen by those close to them. If your partner’s friends or coworkers act awkwardly around you, it could be a sign of their guilt. They may not condone your spouse’s behavior, but do not feel like they can tell you either. 

Do You Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating? 

The Dominican Republic has many opportunities for a cheating spouse to meet people and have an affair. In fact, some even call it a cheating hub. If you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful, contact Castro Investigative Agency today. We can help you get the answers you need! 

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